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Here at Jobs Direct, we have experience in staffing positions for the following lines of work:

  • Ford Plant parts assembly
  • New Vehicle Transportation
Our Value

Core Values of Our Company

Respect Everyone.

In and out of the workplace, be the change you want to see in the world. It costs nothing to be kind.


We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Integrity is built through responsible actions, transparency and honest relationships.


It is important to learn from our mistakes and those of others. We are all held responsible for our actions, the words we speak and the results that come from doing so.


We accept everyone from all walks of life. We pride ourselves on treating others with fairness and equality.


We aim to inspire personal growth. Invest in yourself, your future and prosperity. Never stop working to be the best version of yourself.


Each team member has unique strengths, qualities and viewpoints. We grow by learning from others. Together as a whole, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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As a staffing business, we are proud to offer jobs to those in our community. Building onto our current resume, we will also be seeking to secure and fulfill government contracts.

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